What a Sustainable Garden Can Look Like

It doesn't have to be what it "should" look like, but what you want it to be

Sometimes our first plan doesn’t work out, but our “Plan Bee” is still something we’re looking forward to at Pachamama Restaurant.

After meeting with Travis at Bee Leaf USA, I learned how bees are constantly working. I started to tap into their potential by adding a honey latte to Pachamama’s menu, made with Bee Leaf USA honey. Soon, we were discussing ways to build the bees into my own garden sustainably.

The hive’s original location was inside our restaurant so customers can instantly see how honeybees work with us in their own sustainable garden. However, the construction and logistics of this location made me realize that was near impossible.

Bees are too precious and necessary to the production of most of the food industry, let alone the ingredients we use in our kitchen. This is what led me to decide to move the hive outdoors to our deck.

In the end, this was an even better decision. Outside, the bees will have access to their own garden where they pollinate flowers all along Adams Avenue, and customers can still check out the amazing work they do to make honey in their custom Bee Leaf USA hive.

A special beehive designated for research purposes . . . allowing for the visible exploration of a beehive without the perceived danger of beekeeping in an urban environment."

Bee Leaf USA & Pachamama

If we continue to nurture our community through partnerships like these, we can show the world that being sustainable and supporting sustainability should be the norm — not a pipe dream.