Now Booking on Airbnb: Private Chef Experience

Booking Vick is even easier

It’s official: you can now book me as your private chef through Airbnb!

Moving to California hasn’t stopped my thirst for travel. In fact, my new home in Los Angeles only opens my eyes to how easy the city makes it for visitors who want a taste of the West Coast through sites like Airbnb and Take A Chef.

Now, an exclusive private chef experience is available through Airbnb — with me as your chef.

There’s a misconception that having a private chef is an unattainable feat, but here I hope to show you instead that a night or two can be both an affordable and priceless experience.

Have an anniversary or special occasion and don’t want to deal with restaurant reservations? A private chef will serve you in your home instead.

Want to try a new menu but you feel restricted by your cooking abilities or dietary needs? Not only is a chef trained just for this, but a private chef will make your meal totally for you.

Think the whole experience is too expensive? Booking a private chef through Airbnb costs less than $200 per person. That’s cheaper than the bill at some of LA’s top restaurants!

Try something New Unique Delicious

Allow me to be your introduction to a private chef experience!

Take advantage of discounted rates for groups of 4 more more, on top of a special menu for all Airbnb private chef bookings.

Sit back and relax as I make creating a meal easier (and more fun) for you and any guests you may have.

For even more customization of your time and menu, simply reach out so I can best accommodate your style. Let’s make this next meal all about you.