Supporting Sustainable: Kakawa Coffee

Kakawa Coffee: a partnership

No-Name Drink
We want the community to pick a name they think best describes this fall drink.

Before we had a constant stream of coffee lovers coming through our restaurant, we had friends in Kakawa.

Gladys and Maria are the owners of Kakawa Coffee in Point Loma, where they were also featured on the IKAP series by Linda Vista Studios.

In such a small community of immigrant- and women-owned businesses, having support means having a family.

A great cup of coffee starts with the best bag of espresso beans.

The team at Pachamama has shown their hand in creating fun flavor profiles that complement the South American roasts, but we can’t consume all this coffee by ourselves (no matter how badly we want to!)

Check out our Fall Latte made with Bee Leaf USA honey and Kakawa Coffee, and send us a message or comment on what you think the name should be!