Behind the Story: SD Voyager interview

Words can’t entirely explain the heartwarming and pleasant surprise it is to be featured as a local inspiration for San Diego Voyager.

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my past, as I believe it’s long been time to focus on being a better person in the present. However, SD Voyager didn’t simply ask about my past life; they questioned how it has shaped me to pursue the mission I have today.

These were questions that prompted a response straight from my heart, and I loved being able to show that there is more to me than my mistakes. There is a transformation that constantly keeps me focused on being the person I hope to be.

You can check out the full interview here.

What an exciting moment to share with others the projects and partnerships Pachamama has lined up! 

"I cannot change my past, but I learn from it by living with it every day. Since I cannot change the world myself, I stand for a mission that involves a community that will look to each other and make the right choices."

Being able to share my story is just another way I can share Pachamama’s mission and invite others to be as open and inviting as can be.

Perhaps soon we will see more creators and businesses searching and sharing ways they can live and operate as well. If you are one of these, please leave a comment below and we can work together to create something special!