Private Dinners

Vick would like to invite you to the farm, into her beautiful garden, for an intimate dinner. The acclaimed chef also offers exclusive, private dining experiences in your own home. 

Option 1: Pachamanca Style

Experience Vick’s Peruvian Pachamanca style BBQ. The traditional Peruvian dish, baked over fire with the aid of hot river stones, becomes an all day ritual; an art-form developed in the Amazon over thousands of years. The earthen oven, known as a huatia, delivers succulent and flavorsome lamb, pork, beef or chicken, marinated in herbs and spices.

Vick has worked with engineers over 2 years to develop a method that is safe, natural and sensitive to California’s vulnerable climate.

Option 2: Pachamama Menu

Choose from the exciting, exotic menu of acclaimed restaurant Pachamama. Inspired by a wide variety of countries, such as Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Cuba and Mexico, each of our dishes contain elements honoring each of these locations, in delicious and transformative ways.

Reserve a Private Dinner

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