Plastic-Free Week: sustainable and attainable?

Grocery shopping just got a whole lot harder?

The more I learn about plastic production and waste, the more I strive to go completely plastic-free for simple errands.

As a mom, I want to create a better Earth for my children, even if it means changing some of my daily routines into better habits. The first plan I had was to live and shop plastic-free.

Plastic-Free Week Challenge: to live, shop and work using no plastic products.

Sprouts is my go-to grocer, but during the COVID-19 pandemic the store switched to packaging most of their products in plastic.

Regardless, I was still able to buy most of my fruits and vegetables fresh and carry them in my own reusable bags, as well as put their dry ingredients into glass jars I brought from home.

TIP: Leave some bags and jars in your car so that you don’t forget them!

Once, I left my bags and jars at home and had to drive back to get them (plastic is one thing, but fossil fuels are another)

As the video shows, finding anything without plastic packaging was nearly impossible. This made me think: even if consumers exclusively shop plastic-free, what about these large companies who use plastic in their production? How can we as consumers do better for our planet if corporations don’t work with us to make it easier?

Even shopping mindfully led to some everyday issues. When I forgot my bags and jars, I went home to get them, but what about parents who don’t have the time or energy? There has to be a better way to live sustainably without jumping through hoops to get there. Sustainability should be second-nature, or so easy that using sustainable alternatives to grocery shopping is as simple as grabbing a plastic bag on the way out of the store.

At the end of my week, I was left with more questions than answers. But now I know this mission is no longer about reaching a destination, but instead helping others to learn to do better. Even if it means confronting large corporations to suspend their plastic waste in the future.