The Pachamama Mission

With roots extending all the way to South America, Pachamama’s name is synonymous with “Mother Earth”. Our practices maintain the utmost reverence for nature, and our business is deeply committed to working in a way that is environmentally sustainable, and even regenerative, while offering our customers delicious food that nourishes them from the inside out.

A passion for life, earth, and quality

Our owner Vick Vannucci is excited to bring her passion for healthy, organic food into a community that she knows is yearning for quality. We are inspired by a wide variety of countries, such as Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Cuba and Mexico, and our Chef Ernesto Moreno has created dishes containing elements honoring each of these locations, in delicious and transformative ways. We hope to awaken the palates of our customers with exciting, exotic flavors found throughout our menu.

A healthy product, made with love

Pachamama’s mission is to provide a healthy product made with love and respect for each ingredient and the journey it takes, from farm to table. Starting with the soil it is harvested in, to the people that enjoy a meal in our restaurant, we aim to enjoy the best quality nourishment from the world, and offer the best quality nourishment back to the world.

Each of our dishes are created with intention from 100% organic, whole food ingredients, and only a small amount of select animal protein from providers using the highest standards in humane treatment of their animals. We will also give a portion of everything we earn to animal welfare services, in hopes that we may continue to support the cycle of life on this planet.

Our goal is to always strive for the utmost transparency in everything we do. We use renewable materials in our San Diego location, and even went to great lengths to donate or recycle everything we could not use from the previous restaurant space, before redesigning it. Still, we strive to balance our rigorous commitment to eco-conscious practices with the freshness, fun, and joy we feel when spending time in nature – the heartbeat of our passion here at Pachamama.

Love, Earth

Through our communion with the earth, Pachamama is a place that stands for family, love, and service to the people we feed, each day. May the footprint that we leave on our planet be one that uplifts our community and even the world at large. We look forward to serving you in our new San Diego space very soon.