Pachamama: A Mission on the Move

Pachamama wasn’t originally intended to be a San Diego restaurant, but it bloomed into one. Growing pains hurt but I had to decide: should I keep trimming the leaves to fit into the pot I first planted her in, or do I make the change to a space that better suits our mission?

Serving San Diego has been nothing short of life-changing. I was able to learn firsthand from my new community how to best operate Pachamama’s concept; not just a meal, but a wholesome environment that makes you want to change the world.

As time moved on, the concept stayed the same, the mission stayed the same, but we are moving.

San Diego is where we took root — we grew from the very land that gave us a second chance at being a part of a loving neighborhood again, and I will always be bittersweet about the urge to leave. But I know I will return with Pachamama. But when I do, she will be stronger and more available to those she serves.

I was able to find a team that loved and supported this mission as I did, and they showed me that a big idea like this is possible. Even better, they cared for Pachamama as I did, too.

In our time in Normal Heights, Pachamama was able to donate hundreds of dollars to local nonprofits like the San Diego Humane Society and Bee Leaf USA through events that got our customers excited about sustainability. We created workshops and videos that allowed Pachamama’s message to be brought home with each other. We even created Green Gardens in elementary schools that showed students the true life cycle of the food they consume.

And just like that, it’s time to plant new seeds. That doesn’t mean nothing will regrow, it just means that the fruit of our labor is ready to be harvested. Eventually, Pachamama will return as a seed once more, and I can finally serve San Diego in an even better way.

Don’t cry for Pachamama, San Diego. Our mission is not leaving you, we are creating something more personal. Now that Pachamama is mobile, I look forward to being your personal chef and providing your Peruvian-Japanese fusion dishes directly to your dinner table.