You Can Pick This Drink’s Name

No-Name Drink

Pick a Name for this fall special 

Fall is here, but a name for our newest drink isn’t! Thanks to an incredible new team at Pachamama Restaurant, we’re serving up new and experimental items with the help of Bee Leaf USA.

But if we’re serving our community, shouldn’t they have a say in what’s in a name?

Read on to hear what’s in this Fall drink, and leave a comment saying what YOU think it should be!



For hot
For iced


For hot
For iced

Brew espresso

Add honey to bottom of cup

Add 1 pump of Peppermint

Froth milk and pour over honey and syrup

Top with espresso and serve

Drizzle honey around glass to create a drip effect

Fill glass with ice

Add 1 pump Peppermint

Brew espresso and pour into glass over ice

Fill to rim with milk and serve

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