Making the Menu: Sofia X Vick

Inspired Beautiful Artistic Food

Food is more than just a meal, it’s an art form.

I was always inspired by Sofia Loren’s work as an actress and model, but her work in the kitchen has taken the main stage as my latest muse.

What better way to show my creative appreciation than by recreating some of her classic dishes and poses?

It’s hard to convince others sometimes that cooking is a form of healing until you show them.

I’m constantly asked to reconcile my past career with becoming a chef, so this is my way of proving that dining can be a lavish experience.

Making an inspired menu is more fun than work. My work now consists of perfecting dishes to each of my clients’ individual tastes, yet somehow my creative and cultural roots make their way onto everyone’s table.

Even Pachamama’s menu consisted of Italian-inspired items like pasta, and I can spend each minute preparing the dough with the same intentions I want my clients to feel.

There’s a reason private dining is such a gratifying experience, and that’s because you will always finish your meal feeling fulfilled and nourished. 

Think about the energy you put into making dinner for your family at the end of the day. Are you tired? Do you feel confident with your final result?

If you often eat out to save yourself the stress and find yourself happier ordering in, is it because your frustrations with cooking constantly bleed into your meal?

If your strengths don’t lie in cooking, that’s OK! Luckily, cooking and serving is my passion, and my job is to make your life easier.