Bee Leaf USA Honey Latte recipe

Pachamama honey latte

Can sustainability "bee" profitable?

Tired of hearing “save the bees” all the time and want to actually save the bees in the meantime? Pachamama is absolutely buzzing with innovation and sustainability, thanks to the latest project in collaboration with Bee Leaf USA — a bee rescue company bridging the gap between humans and honeybees — to make our own honey latte recipe.

Sign for Bee Leaf Latte at Pachamama
Pachamama’s blackboard sign on Adams Avenue showcases the Bee Leaf Latte sold inside

Pachamama and Bee Leaf USA have teamed up to build a honeybee hive at the former’s Adams Ave. restaurant; where visitors can interact with the hive by watching, listening and even tasting the fruits — or honey — of the bees’ labor in our new honey latte.

Pachamama honey latte
Hot and iced Bee Leaf USA honey latte as they are served at Pachamama

Here, worker bees pollinate the local garden, which in turn provides the freshest vegetables for Pachamama’s menu. To prepare the community for its launch, customers can get a taste of what’s to come in our new Bee Leaf Latte.

As an added bonus, $1 of every Bee Leaf Latte purchase is donated to Bee Leaf USA to help them reach their $50,000 goal to build a bee sanctuary by National Honeybee Day in August.

Bee Leaf Honey Latte



For hot latte

Froth milk

Brew espresso and stir with honey

Pour sweetened espresso over milk and serve

Tip: mixing honey with espresso while it’s still hot gives the smoothest results

For iced latte

Drizzle honey in glass

Fill glass with ice and pour in milk

Pour espresso over milk and serve

Pachamama honey latte