Best Vegan Tacos

The never-ending flow of tacos in California (even the vegan taco options) is incredible, but I wanted to add a fresh and bright spin on this classic dish. After playing around in Pachamama kitchen, I believe I’ve found the recipe for the best vegan tacos ever . . . and it only takes 15 minutes!

Making vegan tacos
Having fun with bright flavors and colors in a traditionally smoky dish

Feel free to make a mess in your kitchen, we are all a little messy, but it doesn’t take away from the amazing flavor that you are about to experience with just a little addition of vinegar and aromatics.

Add or subtract heat to your own spice level. Some (myself included) like it hot!

This recipe is for the veggie lovers, so instead of meat we are substituting black beans for protein.

Topped with one of my favorites, Peruvian salsa criolla, and you will soon have tacos that taste light and bright. Just a bit different from the smoky carne asada that goes with most tacos!



for salsa criolla
for sauce
for tacos


Mix salsa criolla by adding all ingredients to a bowl, and stir until combined, set aside

Make the sauce by blending all ingredients in a blender or food processor, set aside

In a hot pan, warm up tortillas and drizzle sauce on top. Flip and repeat to the other side to coat

Plate your cooked tortillas, and add arugula, tomatoes, peppers, beans and chickpeas.

Top with salsa criolla, salsa verde and sliced avocado to serve

Best Vegan Tacos