Behind the Story: San Diego Magazine

Sometimes, messing around makes something beautiful. Pachamama made her debut on Adams Avenue and San Diego Magazine came to cover it. Being so new to the city, I wanted to give the reporters something new to experience as well.

I didn’t know what to call this dish at first, but it was so pretty that it became the main photo featured in the magazine’s lineup. I would call that beginner’s luck, but with Pachamama still going strong two years later, it’s all down to the talent and communication we have in our kitchen.

The dish was inspired by the Nikkei food originating in Peru, where Japanese immigrants have a history of incorporating the new local ingredients into their traditional style of cooking. This dish is considered Tiradito, where sashimi-style cuts of fish are dressed with spicy sauces and peppers.

In fact, the perfection behind the random little dish — made with a cultural fusion and a mess of ingredients — is all down to its randomness. Sometimes, doing what feels right is the best way to the hearts of your community.

This may have been a small mention, but it’s a big deal to me. A location that was once a just a dream has turned into a reality, where I can be challenged every day to put out something just as exciting and wonderful as my little Tiradito.

Thanks to the work and appreciation of San Diego Magazine and the San Diego community, I can continue to practice Pachamama’s mission.