Behind the Story: Making Pachamama Menu

What's a Menu without You?

Making the menu for Pachamama is no easy feat for a single person — something I actually love about the restaurant industry. You need a team and having the right one is like having a family.

I only recently found my family, and they got to show me how eager they were to make my recipes. For a Peruvian-Japanese fusion menu, a lot of the dishes involve bright colors and messy sauces, but the kitchen always presents final dishes that look more beautiful than messy.

Even better, Camila Badaro’s photos of the final Pachamama Menu somehow look just as amazing in her photos as they do in real life! 

The next day I woke up to see Pachamama on local blogger Kai Taramasco’s website, and seeing how far-reaching this mission could be makes me even happier that I can create something that gives others joy.

Don’t forget, this restaurant would be nothing without her community. If you haven’t yet seen, it’s up to you to pick a name for our latest Bee Leaf USA honey latte!

Stop by Pachamama to get a taste of the menu for yourself, and let us know in person what you think.