Behind the Story: Kensington Local Lifestyle

Being vulnerable was never my strong suit.

At the beginning of my professional career, I was a tennis player. If you’re thinking, “how did she end up as a restaurant owner?” You are not alone. This was the basis of my interview with Kensington Local Lifestyle, but it has opened my eyes to the support of a community I never knew I had.

I spent years hiding myself from the world because I felt like I couldn’t atone for my past mistakes. I tried finding a new career many times, but no matter how many new sports I tried to pick up, or hobbies that never came to fruition, I found myself finding joy in farming.

Farming my own garden and foods became a different sort of journey, where I could involve my family in the process and watch little seeds turn into something huge. This soon became about participating in something bigger that not only requires others to help, but also provides for something bigger than myself.

I’ve never opened up about my personal experiences while I was in a dark place because I felt like nobody else understood and there was nothing I could do about it. When I started talking about my depression and panic attacks, I was expecting more ridicule and braced myself for it. Instead, what came was an outpouring of love from others who experienced the same thing.

Thank you Kensington for listening and teaching me that I am not alone, and my story isn’t something that ends at the end of my first career.

Like the seeds in my garden that grew to feed my family and kickstart my passion for cooking, I look forward to growing and serving my California community in the same way.

I may have a new home, but I don’t feel any less at home here.