Behind the Story: 5 Things with Ashley Chalease

To read Ashley’s full story, 5 Things I learned Working for One of Latin America’s Most Influential Woman, click here.

Opening Pachamama San Diego was a beautiful experience, made especially positive by the employees who showed up every day to share in the vision. In the months since, I sometimes struggle with the legacy I left behind, wondering if anyone else ever truly got a taste of what I believed in from the start.

As if to answer my question, Ashley, one of my first-ever employees, recently published her article that opened my eyes to what my vision looked like through someone else’s eyes and the result was so touching and beautiful I had to share.

While we may not work together anymore, I read her work and am so proud that I could share in a moment of her life — and even prouder still that the time we shared was as positive as Pachamama hoped to be.

My only regret was that I didn’t work there longer and learn more . . . when it came to running a successful, environmentally-conscious business. However, I am forever grateful for the time spent, and for every lesson I was taught; Pachamama will forever hold a place in my heart.

Sharing in the trials of running a restaurant throughout the COVID-19 pandemic nearly blinded me to the beauty of sharing it with the ones right beside me the whole time.

Now, when I look back on these times, it’s not so much bitter as it is sweet. I see friends that saw what I did and still believe in it long after I moved away. It gives me hope that even when the world feels harsh and outward recognition seems scarce, the home we created in Pachamama fostered a lifestyle and lessons that continue to be shared to this day.

Ashley’s “5 Things” gave me hope and brought light into my day. Check out her article and perhaps you can find a 5 things that help you live a brighter life too.