We “Bee Leaf” in a Better Future

Making San Diego's only Honey Refillery

We Bee Leaf we can work together

Making San Diego’s first honey refillery isn’t the only exciting project I got to work on with Bee Leaf USA . . .

CEO Travis Wolfe showed me firsthand what a functioning beehive looks like right in my own backyard at the Fairmont Grande Del Mar, and it was an experience I won’t soon forget.

Here, bees pollinate the grounds and have a hive away from guests to return to, keeping the Fairmont Grande and its guests happy — even when they can’t see the bees.

This all started with an idea to create a sustainable garden. Soon, it blossomed into an idea to make a home for honeybees, who need it now more than ever.

Travis taught me that these bees are gentle and don’t want to hurt us, but it’s up to us to save the bees and their habitat. I’m doing so by installing my own beehive with Bee Leaf USA’s help.

To see how you can help, leave a comment below or contact Travis directly here!