About Vick

I grew up steeped in cultural traditions that helped shape my love for food and community. Sharing a meal became a ritual, a prayer. A way to connect and nourish one another. It also became the focal point for my desire to open a restaurant, and to become a chef.

From the darkness, new light can be born - and for me, that light is my work.

While the traditions I once relished are important in their own way and served a profound purpose at one time, they no longer feel suited to the direction we are moving in as a world, and as a humanity – for the needs we have now.

Because of this, I made my fair share of mistakes along the way, including choices that I am not proud of – that were ignorant to the reality of what is occurring with our planet, the care and regard we must have for its animals and ecosystems, and how vital it is that we become conscious of how we grow and prepare our food.

It took me quite some time to understand the true importance of these things, and how I, too must become a steward in this world, to help care for other living beings and our planet in the process.

So, when I became a mother myself, my eyes and heart opened to a new calling: a desire to set a healthy foundation for my family through the values I live by, and to lead by example through
my actions, and my message. It has been an arduous process of self-discovery, but I am so grateful to be on the other side, ready to serve.


I built Pachamama with the sole purpose of helping animals and our beautiful planet; it is part of my mission with my food. A percentage of all profits that I earn with Pachamama and private dinners goes toward animal welfare and environmental disaster relief.