About Vick

I grew up steeped in cultural traditions that helped shape my love for food and community. Sharing a meal became a ritual. A prayer. A way to connect and nourish one another. The focal point of my desire to open a restaurant and become a chef.

Just as the Earth sprouts forth new life, Pachamama's mission continues to grow

My journey to this moment was prompted by a need to change the perspective of my past self. I made choices I’m not proud of out of ignorance, and it shaped the way I live and serve the world now. Along the way, I also learned that change is not a destination, but a direction.

The experience of facing my wrongs led me to change my entire lifestyle. My career beforehand was all about how I could change my outward appearance, but now I see that growing as an individual means becoming a part of something bigger than myself. I went back to my roots and culture in the garden where I shared so many tender moments with my family growing up, and I watched the seeds I planted slowly grow into seedlings, then food, and finally into a meal for my family. Sharing a meal became a ritual and a way to nourish my connection with the Earth and everyone around me.

Becoming a mother opened my eyes and heart to the importance of creating a healthier future for my children. I became aware of the importance of cultivating food that not only feeds us, but nourishes us too. The importance of being a steward to the environment starts with being a steward in my community. This is the basis of my desire to open Pachamama Restaurant, where we not only serve healthy, organic food but also support the businesses and people around us to learn how we can all become better — not just for ourselves, but for Mother Earth as well.

From the darkness, new light can be born. That light is my work with Pachamama. Our mission for our community is to provide a cultural experience through the cuisine that raised me, and participating in the community to spread the same awareness that changed my own life before it’s too late for our planet.

As human beings, we are always encouraged to evolve. I thank you for your trust, your support and your participation as we walk this journey together. I look forward to meeting you and serving you, from my heart to yours.

With love and gratitude,

Vick Vannucci


I built Pachamama with the sole purpose of helping animals and our beautiful planet; it is part of my mission with my food. A percentage of all profits Pachamama earns through private dinners goes toward animal welfare and environmental disaster relief.