Acclaimed Chef And Founder of Pachamama Restaurant

Born and raised in Argentina, Vick Vannucci began her career as a professional tennis player and TV personality. After moving to the United States and learning of the importance of food and farming, Pachamama Restaurant was born.

With a deep love of indigenous cuisine and a passion for serving food made with love, intention and care for our planet, Vick infuses complex flavors from Peruvian & Japanese cuisine into healthy, organic dishes that still taste vibrant and exciting.

Come along as Chef Vick embarks on this mission of serving her community as a private chef — one meal at a time.

The Pachamama Mission

With roots extending all the way to South America, Pachamama’s name is synonymous with “Mother Earth”. The restaurant’s menu is inspired by Vannucci’s passion for indigenous food from Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Cuba and Mexico.

Pachamama At Home

Shop our signature sauces to enhance any home cooked meal with the rich, fresh, wholesome flavors of Pachamama! 

earth, health, transparency, respect.

From the darkness, new light can be born - and for me, that light is my work with Pachamama, which translates to “Mother Earth.”"

- Vick Vannucci

Private Dinners

Vick would like to invite you to the farm, into her beautiful garden, for dinner. The acclaimed chef also offers exclusive, at-home, private dining experiences.